I hate when users yell at me... I have feelings too. 😢

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    Want to improve? Great! Opensource it so that they can help!
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    @alexbrooklyn it's funny because it's already open source 😂
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    I love sarcastically replying to those reviews.

    "Didn't understand, sorry, not enough exclamation marks."
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    So the app is shit? or the guy is an idiot?
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    @molaram it has 2,782 5 stars reviews, 794 4 stars, and only 50 1 star reviews.

    It could be it doesn't work because of his shitty antivirus that considers it a false positive (even though it's an app available on the Microsoft Store and passed a certification process), but anyway it's not the way to write a review...
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    JIAN-YANG !!
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    I wasthat customer.

    you spoiled my life

    open source that app right now

    I will figure it out futlrther.

    u mf
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    I hate this too. I get Play Store reviews telling me that updating takes forever or that it failed. Get better internet ffs! And read the Play Store support pages!!

    Users truly are monkeys.
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