If you’re ever feel tired of annoying corporate presence everywhere, go straight to Next.js issues on github.

Since zeit (the company behind it) are too busy polishing their pitches and building more and more fragile betas, no one will ever help you with your problem there. They literally pitch and release more often than writing anything there.

People are seem to have built the help community there all by themselves, and the more I look at it the more it reminds me of SCP Foundation IKEA (http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-3008) where people forever stuck in eerie infinite IKEA with no exit just built the whole new society.

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    Next.js is one of the most frustrating things I've used. Shortly after I joined the project we removed it in favour of redux-first router. My job was a lot more pleasant after that.
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    /me laughing in Angular
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