Worst part of being a "IT guy":

Don't know how to fix my broken car

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    Not yet ;) after teslas autopilot breaks who will be fixing that? Mechanic ? :-D
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    @maximizer Actually, I am seriously looking to buy a car from the mid 80's. It is too much electronics in the cars nowadays.
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    @Linux get an OBD reader, and the manual for your car...it's like debugging and documentation...
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    I learnt to mend my car. Two things: no git, so debugging has to be fairly non invasive and cunning. For example, baby talcum powder is great for finding leaks. And time estimation is just as hard to get right. :-D

    But when you save yourself a thousand dollars, it's all worth it.

    And yeah, OBD-II is your best friend.
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    @Treighton @tommyangelo
    Thanks, I should go with a OBD reader, saw that thoose are pretty cheap.
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    If you have a Volkswagen, get a VAG-COM. It's pricey but worth it. Don't leave it in your car and then forget to lock the car though. :-/

    Source: I used to own a VAG-COM...
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    I have a Mazda actually

    Did someone steal it?
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    @Linux I have a bluetooth odb-ii reader, it's nice to know what's wrong but 9/10 I can't get to the problem to fix it like my last one " throttle body stuck open" it's on top of the motor but you still got to take half the crap off to get to it, luckily it was a recall if you had proof. I'm looking for a good small early 90's ford truck myself
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    It was a quite serious thing, nothing I could even think of doing myself
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    @Linux yes. To be fair, I left the car open all night...
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