Dear, developers
For any freelance project you want to embrace, you should have a written agreement by both parties signed ( clients and you ).
Some client's forget almost anything ....
I'm talking from experience, please be guided....

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    Yes. If there's no contract, neither party owes the other anything.
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    Great contracts with digital signing, invoices and stuff are on subscription.

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    @SortOfTested Incorrect, the only part that a written agreement influences is the documentation of the content of the agreement and that both parties agreed upon them with their signatures.

    Only when the written form or notariazation is explicitly requered by law does a lack of it invalidate a contract.

    Of course proving a verbal agreement without recording it is near impossible, but claiming that no legally binding contract, with the respective responsibilities, is formed is incorrect.

    Just a reminder for those that are being scamed by someone proclaiming that they don't ow you for the work they verbally commissioned.
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    Sure. Lemme know how that works out for in court.
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    @helloworld man this looks like a great solution from the outside if they keep what they promise.
    Thanks man, I add that to my bookmarks.
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    @heyheni me too 😂
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    @helloworld thanks for sharing Sir
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    @SortOfTested If I really tried I would find some cases where court here in Czech republic indeed said that email communication is legally binding and no written contract with physical signatures is needed. Not sure how it works in other countries, but my guess is that it works pretty much the same in atleast the whole EU.
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    @hitzoR Switzerland as well, verbal agreements (mostly phonecalls) are binding here too.
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    @p100sch Yeah, they are binding, but it is practically impossible to prove.
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