So, just a random thought.
I'm attending my 2nd year of university and I'm thinking about what should I do after I get my degree (I should get it the next year). Most of my classmates want to get a master in something but I would like to work because I want to demonstrate to myself that I can do whatever I want but at the same time I feel like I'm not enough yet and that I will fail all the interviews so I'm in a fucking limbo between two choices. Aaaand that's it, sorry if I made some mistakes but it's 2:30AM in Italy and I'm pretty tired.

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    Giving interviews is like throwing a fair dice. The probability of turning up a 6 is 1/6. So keep the basics strong and keep applying. All the best.
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    Are you from north or south italy?

    If from the south do your masters especially in this crazy economic fallout of this pandemic. Nobody will hire you. And the only way to get hired is going north to Germany, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Norway.

    If you're from north italia then yeah maybe you'll succeed but you have to accept lower pay.

    Pro tipp: start learning German for the case you run out options.

    🎥 Educated but Jobless: The Exodos of the Italian Youth

    edit: Palermo? fuck! 😢
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    Ciao, I'm from Italy as well. The fear of not being up for the job got to me for a very long time, going as far as preventing me from finishing my masters degree on time.

    Anyway, over the years, I've also had interviewers stating that It wasn't really necessary for me to get that "second degree", basically implying that, in their eyers, I probably wasted a lot of time in persuit of it.

    However, I believe It really depends on what kind of job position you are expected to fill in. A consultant like myself? A masters degree is totally overkill.

    My Bro tip to you would be to start getting into the industry via one or multiple internernships, whilst still in university and see what's what for you. We are all different. There's no perfected formula.

    Putting yourself out there is the best thing you could do to your carreer.

    Buona fortuna 🙂
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