Not a rant but a question...

Do you guys reply to recruiter emails? I mean sometimes I feel like that they just bulk-send emails and usually I don't even bother but sometimes I receive second and third emails from them and I don't know how to politely tell them that I'm not opened for new opportunities.

Worst thing is that I don't even have many developer friends so I don't have anyone to recommend to them (because I know recruiters are just doing their job too).

I just want to know if it's rude to not reply at all?

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    Just say you're not open to new opportunities right now if you think they'd be useful to you in the future.
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    If its through linkedin I usually reply.

    If its just random I check if its a known firm or if they name a known client company and then decide.

    If its obviously just random with no real info, especially if the are looking for people working remotely and they are from another continent I often ignore them.
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    It's rude to send you unsolicited recruiter spam. It's not rude to ignore said spam.

    I make an exception for stuff that is very well targeted and/or personalised - the most recent one of those actually ended in a very good job offer for me which I accepted. But that's exceedingly rare. For the most part, I consign to spam.
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    Personally I ignore them, but mostly that's the inevitable result of failing to decide whether to answer them. They will try again another time anyway.

    One time I also got a call from a recruiter who could not by any chance have obtained my (private) number legally (as in: I allowed them to call me). Also it was while I was having my head deep into work, so while I was trying to be polite about telling them to fuck off, I was not nice.
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