Iam a civil engineer but i was interested in building an app so how much time i required to learn the stuffs required to build an app like java,python etc

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    But iam interested in learning java python so how many days it will take to learn from scratch
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    2000 hours to learn the basics of programming and tools required
    2000 hours to learn the languages good enough
    2000 hours to plan for your app and the business model behind it.
    2000 hours to build your app
    2000 hours to release your app and market it

    So 10'000 hours or at a 8hour working schedule 3 years and 4 months.
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    @heyheni thank you so much sir
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    @sweetnothings thank you for your info
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    For building an app you are telling team work is more important rather than working alone..?
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    No sir i already stepped into software filed by learning basics in home and in future also i struck into software filed only
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    @sagarvirat183 There is more than one thing when building an app: Let's start with us ability. Assuming the app is feature complete (=> coded), do your users actually can use it and find what they want to do? You probably want to make money with the app. Who is gonna market it?
    While you can learn the basics of all of the above, you are only gonna master few things (obviously). Coding is only a part of it - do not to forget your time is also limited. You may be better letting someone else doing it - so you have to communicate with them, thus teamwork is crucial. There might also be problems you cannot solve for yourself. Also someone must talk to customers.
    Somehow all of this is often overlooked!

    As you come from a different field, you also need to take into account learning the "language" and technical terms. IT also requires a different mindset of problem solving - luckily you already are in an engendering field, but it will still take some time to adapt your mindset.

    The estimated 3.3 years from zero for doing it all yourself seem to be about right (some parts will take more or less time, depending on your previous experience).

    Going into IT may seem like a hard and long way, but it will pay off!
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    If you need to ask this question, then the thing you have I'm mind is way out of your capability....
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    @sagarvirat183 the thing you need to learn first and is the most important is how to make use of the vast resources the Internet has to offer.
    Or to put it bluntly: learn to use google search! 🙂

    how to find stuff on google
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    How can i market the app pls let me know the answers
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    And another question how can i safeguard my app idea..?can i take things like copyright for that
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    @sagarvirat183 by learning the basics marketing? Which is a whole career path in it self. Suit yourself with courses on marketing over on skillshare, coursera and youtube.
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    @sagarvirat183 first of all you need to realize that there are no quick answers to all that
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    Things to learn for a successful app
    Product Design
    Design thinking
    what a Value Proposition is --> https://investopedia.com/terms/v/...
    Writing concepts
    Validating your business plan
    UX and Interaction Design
    Doing interviews to find out what value your idea brings to the people. Is it actually useful at all?
    Branding, the art of making a consistent visual appearance across the board.
    Prototyping and testing your design
    programming for Android, Ios and the web.
    Information Architecture
    Databases, api's
    Learn how to find partners who are interested in your project and maybe give you money to build it.
    how Google Plastore Apple Appstore work
    Customer support
    how to deal with failure
    start over again

    And many things more....
    There is a reason the starting price for simple Apps where I live start at $ 18'000 and can easily go up to $100'000. Because it's hard and needs a lot of time knowledge.
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    And 70% of all downloaded apps get deleted from the users phone on the same day after the download.
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    So many struggles and hurdles are there to develop an app
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    And thank you so much for your info sir
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    @sagarvirat183 that depends on what you deem a success.
    Getting a functional app on the playstore, you probably could get it done within a half a year, with a lot of dedication.
    If it's useful to others, is another question. At least you probably learned something. At that is worth something. :)
    and from there you only get better at what you do.
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    Yes sir
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    @sagarvirat183 Ideas are not protectable, but in realised firm they are (e.g. a 1:1 clone of your app might be illegal). Do not think, people will not try it and accept competition.
    Be better (or just outstanding) than your competition is your way to success.

    That's not easy though, as competitors (if your idea is good) will come fast and will surely have more resources.
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