I am so done for today. I was trying to get this encryption work in Rust, but no fucking way. If I encrypt data in PHP, it is just impossible to decrypt them in Rust. If I encrypt something in Rust, I can decrypt it anywhere, but not the other way around.
I checked the data hundred times and they are exactly the same in both programs. Also OpenSSL library in Rust is so helpful, that it won't show any error details except that there is an error.
Fuck my life!

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    Worst part is that I have no idea which language (or me) I should blame...
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    Could be a character encoding issue.
    Or some faulty endianess convertion.
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    @metamourge That is what I came to say
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    I fucking found the problem! Thank you PHP for being a slut and not returning pbkdf2 as raw string. Very well...I can sleep tonight!
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