I have Manjaro KDE on my Acer Predator Helios 300 (dual boot with W10, unfortunately, because games/some programs needed).
I want to try another distro.

Is Fedora a good choice ? Is there any potential issue or things I should look out for ?

Do you know a good distro that runs fine on that hardware ? I'm just curious here.

Any tip before I backup my home ?

I put the / on my SSD and the /home on my HDD. Any reason why I shouldn't keep it that way ?

Thank you :-) !

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    In my experience, Arch based distros have worked the best. I have never used fedora on actual hardware, but it seems nice.
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    Arch is gonna be your best bet.
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    I tried Fedora recently… in my opinion, it is trying too hard to be similar to MacOS yet different in subtle ways.
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    Pop!_OS has great hardware support out of the box because it's the one a Linux computer seller installs on its products. It's based on Ubuntu and runs a Gnome based DE. It's what I use on my XPS 15.
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    What's the problem with Manjaro ?
    Have you tried Manjaro gnome ?
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    @MagicSowap No problem with Manjaro, I just like to try other things. I might go back to it if the next distro I try doesn't suit me.
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