I have Manjaro KDE on my Acer Predator Helios 300 (dual boot with W10, unfortunately, because games/some programs needed).
I want to try another distro.

Is Fedora a good choice ? Is there any potential issue or things I should look out for ?

Do you know a good distro that runs fine on that hardware ? I'm just curious here.

Any tip before I backup my home ?

I put the / on my SSD and the /home on my HDD. Any reason why I shouldn't keep it that way ?

Thank you :-) !

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    In my experience, Arch based distros have worked the best. I have never used fedora on actual hardware, but it seems nice.
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    Arch is gonna be your best bet.
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    I tried Fedora recently… in my opinion, it is trying too hard to be similar to MacOS yet different in subtle ways.
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    Pop!_OS has great hardware support out of the box because it's the one a Linux computer seller installs on its products. It's based on Ubuntu and runs a Gnome based DE. It's what I use on my XPS 15.
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    What's the problem with Manjaro ?
    Have you tried Manjaro gnome ?
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    @MagicSowap No problem with Manjaro, I just like to try other things. I might go back to it if the next distro I try doesn't suit me.
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    Regarding your / /home SSD HDD

    It all depends of the size of your SSD. If it is big enough, you should try to keep everything thing on it because :
    - you get a better value out of it instead of waiting for your HDD to load a movie or a doc when their is room remaining on your SSD.
    - It makes the system more portable. Linux comes with all drivers available through the kernel. Imagine you fry the Mobo, if all is on the SSD you can basically put it in any laptop and it should boot (most likely). If you separate /home on another disk, you would have to find a laptop with two disks.

    IMHO, SSD + HDD combo worth it only if you are on a very low budget and can't afford SSD big enough. Or if the amount of data to store is collosal.

    If I bought a super speed expensive SSD to get lightning fast data rates, I would not put anything on an inferior sloppy, turtle speed, HDD if there is a single Byte available on the SSD.
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