Why can I not find a way to keep a window on top in Windows? Am I being dumb? I feel like this used to be a thing you could do in task manager

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    Plot twist: it's only on Task Manager.
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    I don't think you can do that on any window without a third party program.
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    In theory Windows supports this feature for a while but only if the program itself has it implemented. In case of the preinstalled programs only the Taskmanager.

    It's a bit stupid, they already did quite a few UI/window improvements with Windows 10, like the background scrolling. Pinning windows to the foreground should really be a basic feature everywhere.
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    Use "TurboTop"
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    Bit unrelated but this is why I prefer tiling WMs.

    If there is some equivalent for Windows, I’d be happy to know.
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    @Skryptonyte You can "snap" windows to sides/corners, but that's not as great as a tiling WM.
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    @Skryptonyte There's a whole list of tiling WMs for Windows, but honestly I've never tried any of them, so I can't say more than that unfortunately.
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