More a positive rant...
Just casually looked into an invitation to a collab tool my workplace set up for discussing optimizations of workflows, internal collabs, communication, yada yada...
Just to figure out, that there's A LOT of room for improvement being discussed and new ideas related to our work. Which is fucking great! Like "Hey we could maybe introduce A/B testing for our software" or "We should change the way our CI/CD works".
One of the best things I've seen so far: "We should do smth about (react) component XY, as it currently holds many configurable parameters for look and feel with too many possibilities" ... these components are like each 1 big file or so, that covers EVERY possibility. I had a feeling in my gut that some things were built quite complicated, but originally with a good idea/intention in mind. I thought that I just needed time to get used to new things. Now I know that I need to learn nevertheless but that things NEED improvement and that others agree on that, too.
I think this is a good sign when a company tries to reflect on itself to become better.

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    what collaboration tool is it? my company 100% needs this implemented
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    @deadbender I'm sorry, maybe explained it wrong. It's an external tool. One could also use draw.io or any other drawing tool. Doesn't really matter.
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