"Whether we like it or not, our legacy as designers is ugly. We’re largely responsible for fueling a culture of consumption." - Eric Karjaluoto

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    I have something right here that you can consume.. 😏
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    Always the negative.
    erhmergerd, consumption is bad! derp derp

    What are you going to do? produce everything forever and ever and always, but never consume anything because consuming is "ugly?"

    Fuck you.

    "I can't eat the cake. can't eat it. Eating is ugly. gotta bake. gotta bake."

    You know what else is ugly?
    Fucking old, rotting cake.
    Also your face.
    Fucking die.
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    @Root Yeah, but you know how it's easier to blame the whole thing instead of learning "moderation".
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    It feel like those out of context quote.
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