Seems like I'm in the minority now since most people don't use semicolons in JS.

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    I do because it looks more like C, and the minifier will remove superfluous ones anyway.
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    Count me in too... I like the Java-ish feel.
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    I need the semicolons in every language I use, my code feels "naked" if I don't use them.
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    @neeno i am crying in python and vba. i really like it (at least the first one) but coming from php and javascript it never stops feeling weird.
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    It feels weird to write JavaScript without the semicolons. I'm gonna keep using them
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    Besides python, every other language I use requires them, so fuck trendy js standards.
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    ol' leading semicolon so your uglifier doesnt break it in addition to uglifying it.

    i only remember that one because of flashcards.

    but you cant use it on self executing functions that use arrow functions. or was that self executing functions that use the "function" keyword?

    shit. time for another flashcard.
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    Simply using them is just better.
    Weird bugs due to optional semicolons are scary.
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    Weird bugs due to optional semicolons shouldn't happen in 99.9% of normal code :upside_smile:
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    @igorsantos07 indeed! Especially now, when ESLint covers such edges cases successfully, why the hell I need semicolons? I don't need that verbosity, thanks 😆
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    I do, because good practice I guess???

    No sense in teaching myself to leave em out then fuck myself in 3 other languages haha
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