Frameworks = abstraction layer built on top of ruins over another layer of ruins

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    *sighs* Now I'm angry.
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    His problem was packages/dependencies. Quite similar to how libraries might fuck up android apps. I dont see what he did wrong other then you are just giving shit to a guy who had problems with multiple dependencies. So get off your fucking high horse because anyone can find themselves in such situation and if given not enough time, you would suck a fcking hobo if that meant you keeping your job.
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    @zemaitis packages and dependencies don't just spawn. You import them. If you don't want to get fucked over, you only import those which:
    - save you a lot of work
    - had been around for a while, maintainer is reliable
    - have tests, the code is clean and if something breaks even you could fix it.
    Importing tons of shady stuff and - technically speaking - unnecessary abstraction layers is just asking for trouble.
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    Meanwhile, back in the real world where people actually want to get stuff done and earn a half decent wage 😉
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    @Lor-inc Some devs be like, pulling in dependency like a child in a candy store stuffing its mouth until it vomits, and then wondering when the shit hits the fan.

    Some people need to learn the hard way that dependencies as at least as much of a liability as an asset.
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    Might I remind everyone about rowhammer?
    It's ruins all the way down.
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    @Lor-inc business needs often allow for the accumulation of technical debt like that.
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    @Root dont know what it is and dont care
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