"Stack Overflow Mods are just ❤️"
~ Noone Ever

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    The most stressful 30 minutes of my life was the first time I posted a question on Stack Overflow
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    People who liked posting on StackOverflow also liked writing articles on Wikipedia.
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    10 years ago, SO reps were indeed a hiring indicator, even Joe Spolsky (one of the founders) said so. That was a big reason for rep-whoring.

    However, the majority of the rep scores were attained by answering the sort of easy questions that the exact same people would block later: "This question is there for historical reasons although it isn't a good question". Yeah sure, now that you have earned your reps on it, it isn't good anymore.

    That's why 5 years ago, SO reps weren't a hiring indicator anymore because they only indicated that someone jumped on the bandwagon early.
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    @Fast-Nop Yeah, rep is *very* arbitrary. I have more than most, but that says very little about my competence - most of my highly upvoted answers are the incredibly simple ones.
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    Everybody knows that you need DevRant points to get a high paying job
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    To get SO reps fast: Invent an unasked task to be done with GIT and just ask how to do it.
    GIT is what everyone uses regardless of language and project size so even the most obscure GIT tasks still get hundreds of upvotes.
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    @AlmondSauce yeah. The basic questions get searched the most. SO points says nothing much and it's not like most people don't have similar questions or answers.

    I got most of my points in the earlier stage of flutter where lots of questions had to be asked and answered. I luved helping out though cuz love the framework.
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