I've seen far worse people doing what I'm doing, applying terrible practices and still being valued af.

Even if I do smth wrong after doing all the research and alternatives' analysis I know I'll do a proper post-mortem RCA, document it and learn from it, as a result I'll make a better choice to fix the problem and I'll know better next time.

I think I'm alright compared to them. So I don't wory about being an impostor.

Learning by good examples is a good approach. Learning by bad ones might be even better. The "good ones" are yet to fail and be replaced by better (or worse) ones. The "bad ones" are already failing and you can learn WHY you should not be doing it like that and HOW should you do instead to solve the problem.

Learning from good examples only works well if you know the back-story, all the WHYs and HOWs. People usually don't :)

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