Spent hours synthesizing few novel ideas on Notepad, and then did Ctrl-A, Ctrl-X so I could just paste it in my private blog. The blog wouldn't respond, ssh'd into the server to troubleshoot, and then realized my habitual use of Ctrl-C destroyed that very content I spent hours on. Only realized this after I got the blog back up running again. X-( I should start getting into habit of using VSCode or Gvim more.

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    Copyq on Linux, Alfred on Mac, clipclip on Windows

    You will feel naked without it.
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    @bahua Do I still have to wear pants after using these tools or not?

    (Thanks, by the way)
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    Sure. The important thing is in that you still have AGENCY.
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    Windows 10 now has inbuilt clipboard history
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    @ViRaS holy crap I didn't know that :D
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    Can't you ctrl+Z even on notepad? But I agree, it's a mistake to write anything that long in notepad.
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    I heard something to that effect, but I would definitely trust a third party over MS with data from my clipboard history.
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    No need for the vscode just use emacs
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    @ViRaS Wish I knew about this earlier. Thanks!
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