*looks at data in database*

This float column seems wierd. The fractional parts are never above .59

*reality sets in*

Wtf the previous devs encoded whole minutes as hundredths. 1.25 = 1h 25 minutes.

Fuck me...no wonder the numbers weren't adding up correctly.

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    Lol what?! That's a new one on me...
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    Wonder how likely end-users dictated the format.

    Our users once tried to change how we stored DateTime values because they thought the idea of having one field represent both date and time would be too confusing.

    TL;DR, users wanted two fields, one for date the other for time stored as varchar so they could easily view the values.
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    And that's another reason I'm gonna document,c riiiiiiight now.
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    This database also stores a date time stamp as 5 separate columns. Year, month, day, hour, minute.

    This is a very old system that interferes PLCs so I'm not saying there weren't reasons some of this was done this way...but wow it makes me want to shoot myself.
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    Holy shit that is the nuttiest thing I've heard all month.
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    @PaperTrail wtf at that point I wouldn't change anything on the database and just have the changes reflected on the front just to satisfy the customer. Sometimes just providing the illusion is enough.
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