Has your character and level of patience changed since the beginning of your dev career?

I have a feeling that stress mixed with a constant exposure to shitty code, hacky web stuff and abysmal stylesheets have been eroding my immense pillars of patience.
10 years ago I was able to try stuff out for hours with full motivation. I've started a habit of low level swearing recently and sometimes gain a strong urge to punch through a monitor.
I don't have it every day, but it seems worrying...

... or maybe it's just all due to having to HACK the shit out of everything to support fucking IE11.
This complete fuckery of a browser is still in use by about 0.5%... absolute braindamaged imbeciles if you ask me!

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    You are on the decline, find something new and challenging to lift you back up.

    Also, when your F this and F that, and wrapping a keyboard around someone else's head for being a stupid fuck... yea that's the line, it's a hard line, it's a painful line, but it's enjoyable😅

    In all seriousness, I think I've grown into a batshit crazy guy who's resilient to bullshit and just goes with the flow, enjoy the little wins, party with the big wins.l and find something new and challenging to push through.
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    My give a shit has definitely declined considerably after going from a position of learning to a position of leadership.
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