So i just quit legally gotten GTA5, and i quit it with a thought of "fuck this unplayable shit, i'm gonna uninstall it to make space for illegal cracked version, because that one actually runs in playable manner".

I'm sorry, but i'm not sorry. Fuck all of the anticrack crap that makes it choke for half a second every 10 seconds.

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    I don't mind crazy copy protection because for me, it acts as buying protection so that it protects my purse.
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    Is it about the <1% CPU cost of Denuvo or did they add some crappy homebrew use protection?
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    When? How?

    Denuvo is known for killing off much of performance, achieving as crazy numbers as like 30% of framerate

    I myself gladly jump from legal copy to cracked copy just becouse it runs 90% of times SOO much better (no joke).

    I do not consider it piracy since I already own that game.

    Recent case study:
    Borderlands 3 were bearly playable on my machine (quite a beast, tbh). Cracked version ran so much better

    Imho of there is crack released there should be update that removes DRM since its defeated anyway and only thing it does is making paying customers expirience inferior to pirated one.

    Its f**ked up but thats how it is.
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    No suprise that DRM is hated by everyone but publishers and companies leadership. It makes game more costly to make, it makes game just straight up worse (becouse performance is part of game) and its defeated usually within days anyway.

    If just every company could go CDPR way, gaming industry would be just straught up better and healthier
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    @Fast-Nop You would be right if only DRM had ever worked...
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    I always hear how denuvo "kills framerate" yet my poncy little laptop with a gtx 1050 runs monster hunter world on max no problems and has done so since launch.

    Makes me think silly people are just blaming drm on their sorry choice of hardware or the games developers not putting out an efficient product.
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    @DubbaThony "defeated usually within days" publisher heads have already said they know this, but those few days are some of the biggest sales peaks, especially on a game that has pre-orders.

    In a lot of cases it's not about protection, it's about securing initial revenue to fit projections.
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    Normally, when a performance issues are associated with Denuvo, it is because of the crappy DRM wich Denuvo is meant to protect from getting patched out by a cracker.

    Denuvo itself does not implement any DRM apart from the executable alteration resistance.
    So the games just using Steam plus Denuvo normally run almost as good as without Steam and Denuvo. And the games wich add Denuvo to protect some slow homebrew protection get the frame rate drops.

    P.S.: If you have EchoCast on, turn it off. It is known to cause stutter for people having network issues.
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    True is that, but when their game gets cracked isnt it good move to apply update getting rid of DRM for sake of own customers? It will have zero effect on company since game was already cracked and all drm problems are gone, so at least leagal players can play without framerate penalty
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    Steam itself as DRM is trivial to crack, so if thats the case its pointless to slap denuvo on steam DRM only.
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    Well Steam also almost never affects runtime performance in any way.
    But Denuvo doesn't do anything against the pirating itself. So they surely added something wich they hope to be protected by it...
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    Bethesda did the same to Skyrim and Fallout 4.

    The Steam versions are nearly unplayable due to frequent crashes but the cracked version runs smooth as silk
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    @Oktokolo i have no idea, but as i said in the rant, cracked runs silky smooth on high, and legal one hitches for about half a second to a second, every ten seconds, even with all settings on low.

    i mean "normal", because that's how the lowest setting is called, which is another, but much smaller WTF.
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    Yeah, difficulty modes sometimes start on "normal" too.
    Guess they want to prevent their main target group from feeling bad for playing in "low" graphics mode. ;)
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    @DubbaThony In the companies view, of course not; That costs more money andtl they few devs that weren't already pre-fired (yes that's a thing) are already working on the next project.
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