Feeling sad and disappointed during a really intense sprint. Have been working for the past year on a web app made with fucking jQuery. I fixed a lot of bugs, and caused quite a few of my own.
And all this happened because I was desperate when looking for a job. I was too afraid to take my time and find something better. I just took the first offer I got.
I'm thinking of quitting, but why should I do them a favor? I'll stay and keep getting paid until they kick me out.

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    Web app and jQuery, oh dear 🙈
    You can do better than this job.
    I think it won't hurt if you keep looking for better opportunities and then switch seamlessly.
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    Apply elsewhere, go on sick leave, try new bugs.
    You're the ruler of your world.
    I've been around 15 companies til now and get more and more picky. So don't worry about switching seats.
    Keep it up ;)
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