What is the worst AI that one self / governments can build?

What can it do?

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    @sweetnothings is it like the movie ‘her’
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    @sweetnothings wow that AI stupid. If you feed more and more data it can get better i guess.
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    It’s called Trump.
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    @sweetnothings @molaram hahaha
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    Machine learning recognises (desired) patterns from the data it gets. AI makes decisions it was programmed to do. None of this is "better" or "worse".

    If anything, the "worst" AI would be one that fulfils its goal bad enough someone still has to manually fix everything, but just good enough that fixing it is still better than doing the whole thing manually.
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    @prash32 i'm gonna say it's me, if only as i wish i were an AI as then i could get my creators to fucking unplug me
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