I am slowly losing my mind and will to live because of this PCI audit, I hate it so much

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    Care to elaborate?
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    This might be interesting. Let's hear.
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    Heh, good luck...

    If it's your first, it's always a bloody nightmare. It's not enough just to make sure the tech is secure, the hard part is making sure there's comprehensive documentation on everything from pushing code to disaster planning / recovery (and everything in between.)

    Once it's all there and you keep on top of it, subsequent audits aren't nearly as bad.
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    looks like someone's getting their cherry popped

    It's ok, only hurts the first couple times then you'll learn to enjoy it!

    (somehow I find myself saying that too often in the wrong context. Is it a sign of me getting old? did I get sidetracked? hmm...)

    besides PCI compared to auto, aero, military is like a 13 yo wiener next to a 20" on a mandingo
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    @molaram what. a. comparison.
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    Also interested in an elaboration, if you feel like it
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    It basically is a certification for companies that store and use credit cards. Like shops and payment gateways.
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