If you're over the age of 12 and I hear you use the word "Stan" I'mma immediately assume you're the result of not having bullying.

Grow the fuck up and talk like a normal person.

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    What does this mean? I have a friend named Stan.
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    *says "Like O-M-G Stan Justin Bieber forevaaa"*
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    @Demolishun afaik it's a mixture of stalking and being a fan, but I might be wrong. Twitter and tumblr teens are out of control nowadays
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    Okay, I did my own LMGTFY:


    TLDR - obsessed fandom, possibly dangerously obsessed
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    I know twitter stans in rl and they're the most mentally unstable people.

    I mean, you'd have to be to dedicate your life to that.
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    I can't say I entirely disagree, but this has big "Old man yells at clouds" vibes
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    @LuckierDodge I'm 20.

    It's not about "tHeYrE jUsT kIdS" it's about how fucking retarded these people are and act.
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    @LuckierDodge like some of these weirdos take it waaaay too far and like @odite said they're unstable mfs.

    A lot of them are honestly creeps.
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    @Stuxnet I've seen really 2 divergent uses at this point. There's the "twitter/tumblr stan" communities, which steer closer to the original stalker-like meaning, but in broader circles it's gotten a more "big fan" kind of meaning, in the same vein as "trekkies" or "whovians" or what have you, but without the specific domain. And like a lot of niche lingo, there's always the "uses it ironically, until at some point it stops being ironic" crowd.
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    Idk what the "stalker fan" combo bullshit is but it's definitely 100% from Eminem's song "Stan" because of how crazy a fan the guy Stan was. That's the only definition I approve and accept. Kids these days smh.
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    @jbrandona119 My first thought as well. The song started playing in my head as soon as I read the rant. But who knows? It could be "Satan" and they made it "short" in the most incomprehensible kind of way, as always.

    Hail Stan.
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    Dear Slim, I wrote you but still ain't callin'
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    @stuxnet seems like these guys might be too old for this
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    Never heard the term
    Will start mentioning it
    Congrats, you managed to spread it
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