2020 and Chrome has yet to decide upon a standard style for they inner form controls.
This is a date field with:
- a blue gradient "clear"
- a gray-bg spinner
- and a transparent bg calendar dropdown

2020!!!! I don't want to use huge date pickers anymore, Chrome!

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    in my humble opinion they actually did a decent job at that. except all the space the controls at the right take, wtf?
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    @molaram yep, there's a lot of space there, but I understand the need for all those buttons... but why don't they have the same style? hahaha
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    @igorsantos07 I'm no expert but perhaps the first two could be removed? or at least let us style them using CSS (if not already possible?)
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    @molaram I think you can remove with some verbose CSS, but that's not the point; they have their use, they're just... non-conforming.
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    @igorsantos07 i don’t know much about that but i was happy to see all those retarded datepickers sent straight to hell from all over our codebase
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    @molaram HAHAH IKR
    I'm in a tight split between adding 200k+ to my build just for that, or just using what's supported in the wild.
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    Outdated! Chrome heard me (lol) and fixed that shitty UI :D
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