If the super power had created humans without the necessity of sleep, how many hours do you think your employer would ask you to work in a day?

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    Would family time become legally required like sleep is? If not then I guess that's between you and the employer lol
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    Interesting question, but not needing sleep doesn't mean we don't get tired.

    If we're tired then we make mistakes, so it's more likely we would be working less hours for better pay at more productive times instead of the current circadian-based system.

    That's not to say abuse won't be rampant; the illegals and poor may be forced to work 20 hour days on a scrap wage, especially since you can bet your butt that inflation will happen faster due to all - time trading in the civil sector.

    And increased waking hours logically increases appetite so a lot more of these jobs will be farming (if we think far ahead enough then farming technology would shoot forward well beyond our own at an exponential pace).

    Unions would be everywhere too, it's easy money and it's harder to demonise them when they're protecting your time, the one true precious resource of life.

    Apologies, I do so enjoy world building off of hypotheticals.

    Id go on this is more or less the end of the character limit. :3
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    I'll be fapping 8 hours a day.
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    My employer would ask me to work the hours we have agreed contractually, same as now. That's how contracts work.
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