Sooo there is a website out there that teaches you how to code and rewards you by undressing a girl after you complete each task successfully.

Not going to endorse them here but I have really really mixed feelings about that.


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    It's a nice project pitch:)
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    If you are serious about this, then why is this even a thing?
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    I could get her naked pretty fast then ;) is she hot? Lmao
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    Is it an animation or a person?
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    @h3ll lol! And random praise: "wow what a tight deadline!" "Such a beautiful planning" "yes, throwing more people against a problem really increases speed!" "Your devs need even more workload and less time to keep them motivated"

    "Fear is an excellent motivator"
    "Nicely interrupted!"
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    @humanbonsai an actual person
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    @Charmgoggles and I've got tea in my nose because of that comment....

    Note to self: dont drink (anything) while reading devRant.
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    @Hevlastka Or try drinking with your mouth ;)
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    @Paralax GENIUS! This changes everything! Why have I never thought of that!

    *Walks away singing "a whole new world from Alladin"*
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    @h3ll @Charmgoggles
    "I'd let him/her burnout my chart"
    "I'd PowerPoint to that booty"
    Something something estimations treated as deadlines.
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    That's a really good idea, wanna do something about it?
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