Stand up on Zoom...
Day 1: No one knows who will speak their daily tasks first or last
Day 45: There is mutual order which appears out of the blue and everyone has their own sort of roll number for speaking in stand-up meetingđŸ˜‚

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    lol imagine a dedicated job...

    Zoom Call Moderator
    Your responsibilities
    - schedule calls
    - set the daily topic and joke
    - make sure everyone attends
    - provide daily funny ZOOM video backgrounds to our employees
    - moderate zoom calls strictly
    - send notes and decisions to everyone
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    hold meetings in a video game đŸ˜„

    Turns out 'Red Dead Redemption 2' is a perfect platform for work meetings
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    @heyheni we almost have a dedicated moderator in the scrum master :)

    But since scrum masters fill the same role in physical meetings it was a non issue to switch to remote for us. We usually had a few on remote even before covid hit.

    And we use slack instead of zoom.
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