Anyone using a paid font in their code editors? I have been using the regular old Fira Code on my workbenches, but lately I've kinda opened up to the idea of actually buying a font because I would use it almost every day. If you did, what made you do it?

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    Interested in knowing about this as well.
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    That's a whole new level of programming hipster.
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    @PonySlaystation Well, you may be right actually.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs I will def check out jetbrains mono. Also, trying to justify 300 rupees on a font will take a lot of brainpower. Maybe I should spend that energy on exploring other free alternatives instead
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    Check out NB Akademie Mono
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    Also GT America Mono
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    While it kind of makes sense when you are using it a lot, I don't think I can bring myself to do such a thing. I'm not adulting enough for that
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    Nope, Iosevka and Hack mostly.
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