Spent yesterday and this morning working on a project my boss pulled me away to do.

Just got told it's not needed anymore

Thanks for wasting 1.5 days...

It was actually decided on a late night meeting but he forgot to inform me this morning...

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    Happened to me yesterday. I was so annoyed. I shouted out loud in anger and frustration. Perks of working in the home office. It was a message, not a video chat.

    Anyway, realised it was my fault. I put in far more work than expected to be viewed as competent. By doing that I worked secretly and therefore unpaid.

    If you did the same, you're at a wrong. If you didn't, well you get paid for it, so suck it up and pour your heart blood into some private projects instead.
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    @TheCommoner282 you should have yelled at him in a video chat
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    At least it wasn't 1.5 years
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    Maybe it is the reason why many devs don't put in a lot of effort at the beginning of a project. With the deadline closing, they realise this project is actually needed and work longer hours to get stuff done.
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    @invisible the original deadline was asap
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    @billgates I used to hear that term a lot. And then one day, I said if you don't give me time I'd do it "as slow as possible". It didn't change anything though.
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    @TheCommoner282 far more effort being hours work?

    I'm like the expert on the team... But to me it's just natural... But I also see everyone else as monkeys...
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