Google documentation sucks!

Lack of practical examples. They show us very simple example like clicking on button and then straight away redirect to API docs.
Wait, let me at least understand how things fit in together.

Me: Hey google where is step by step guide, at least for setup?
Google: We don't do that here!

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    I agree, the only exception is their documentation for GCP.
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    @rutee07 maybe because they have to keep up with AWS.
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    had the pleasure with the google maps documentation. if you want to know something you find the answer to your question split in 5 different places. In the end you have 20 browser tab open.
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    Or how they only give examples with their services.
    Programmer: How do i track users location?
    Google: Use fused location provider
    P: But my app should work on phones without google services.
    G: sucks to be you
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    @24th-Dragon they want to own the whole market. So they launch something that seamlessly integrate with their services only.
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    @heyheni They may have top class developers working for them. But they seriously need to work on documentation team.
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    oh yeah by far the worst documentation ive ever seen!
    fuck you google!!!
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