I’m still trying to work out how to deal with imposter syndrome... any advice is greatly appreciated

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    I think it all starts with the question "Why".

    Why do you think you're an impostor?

    Most of the time, there is little advice to give, as the impostor syndrom stems from within...

    As long as u cannot convince yourself of your own worth, everything from the outside will be meaningless.

    When I'm hitting rockbottom, I usually sit down at one point and track down what I've done the week and why I'm not happy with it. I guess one of the reasons I like project management is because it gives me structure and evidence for progress / failure.

    It's just important to take it in small steps, I plan for max. half a week to a week.

    So... My way of dealing with it is to divide and conquer. Small steps, visible and explainable success or failure, no harsh feelings.
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