So I saw this argument between two intellectual titans on Quora about C vs C++. It was pretty amusing lol.

First Guy: “C programmers are the Amish! They’re afraid of change. C++ is a better C because it repairs it insufficiencies like classes and namespaces.”

Second guy: “C is fairly consistent, while C++ is inconsistent in many places. It performs so many allocations without you even knowing it. It’s complexity is very distracting !”

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    It's like arguing what is better; a scalpel or a kitchen knife - they both serve similar purpose but have different use cases..
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    I like that term... "intellectual titans" 😂
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    Just ask them what's the best between gcc/g++ and clang.
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    God, its like the battles between php and python devs.
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    I am not sure why we are having those A VS B debate?

    I am sure we like/hate the technology we use but no need to get too attach to it.

    The more useful debate will be the pros and cons of technology A and the appropriate use case for it.
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    There are no right or wrong languages. You just need to use the one suits your requirements.
    IDE fanboys, Language fanboys, framework fanboys, OS fanboys and * fanboys , just shut the fuck up .
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    Enough said. I was on q/programming as a writer for over 2 years and I got so fed up with the sheer fucking stupidity on that site. I deleted my account and all my answers. It's just an unmoderated pile of crap and 90% of questions are from beginner Indian kids who can't spell or use grammar, but want to know if this tutorial will make them earn silicon valley money.

    Fuck that site.

    For all the people that bitch about how strict stackoverflow is, let them use Quora programming got a day and remain sane. Because that shit is what SO would become without its strict moderation.
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    Can you link me the discussion?

    As a Rust dev, I want to confuse both of them 😆
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    @srpatil Oh god, I wanted to put more fuel on the flame war, but I think that thread is already at max temperature.

    It's kind of entertaining to see a blind person arguing with a deaf person though.
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