My Dev hero is without a doubt Robert C Martin (Uncle Bob). His books clean code and the cleans coder changed the way I program and his work on TDD too

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    I recently finished Clean Code and enjoyed it well enough, is The Clean Coder beneficial as well?
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    @BobbyTables I feel it is, yes
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    Weeell, I remember reading a section about "being professional" (this was another book) and one of the criterias was that you should "hone your skills" for like an hour or so after work, which you know seems fair enough. But what if you have like 4 kids that needs to go screaming to bed. When they are finally asleep at 9, you wanna spend some quality time with your +1, where are they gonna find that 1 hour hone time?

    Apparently according to Uncle Bob you should anyway, so I guess most dev parents aren't professionals then.

    I don't know, I stopped reading because this dude seems to have found his daily dev groove and is oh so professional as a result. He was pretty much expecting it to work for everybody else.
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    @theuser maybe not everything everyone says is good, but you can learn anything from anyone. Look at how Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman have been in the past
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    @Darkovernerd That's true, I did also read Clean Code and it was absolutely a good read
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    Clean agile is also an eye opener
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