Dan Abramov

He more or less invented React? Or at least he's made a lot of improvements to its state management functionality. He offers to have lunch with random people on Twitter. He probably knows a lot and reads a lot. He seems like a cool down-to-earth dude.

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    Also the dudes that made Dwarf Fortress. Also John Carmack, for obvious reasons.
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    @JoseHdez2 wait wut? DFs creator and John Carmack contributed to react?

    Are you shiting me?
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    Jordan Walke created react.

    Not sure why people think it was abramov. Abramov was one of the contributors on redux and create react app. Abramov is just the most active brand builder in that sphere so everyone seems to give glory to the hypnotoad.
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    @SortOfTested yeah I went to look at his Twitter again after posting and he literally has "did not make React" in his bio. Did not correct myself because I said "more or less. Or at least..." anyway. Still admire him, sorry 🙂🐸
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