I thought Docker was supposed to make life easier.... Instead, it's giving me imposter syndrome all over again because I can't seem to wrap my fucking mind around it.

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    There are some great interactive docker and kubernetes tutorials on https://www.katacoda.com/learn for free. Within 30 minutes you're up to speed. 🙂
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    @heyheni will give this a look. I'm sure the complexity of our code base and our dev environments are contributors to the frustration.
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    This 2 hour video on docker is really good.


    Warning : Some of the information on the video is out of date.
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    Docker is easy. Integrating stateful applications with docker is hard. That's why k8s has stateful sets.

    Don't look into k8s.

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    Do you find any way for the local IP to be allocated for the service in minikube? I am just testing k8s on my local machine.

    Every blog say it is not possible but something tell me that it possible. How would having minikube make sense if it cannot allocate a local IP to test with?
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    It's random on cluster start. Using hyperkit you can kind of pin it via uuid.


    The problem they note is there isn't a consistent configuration support among the drivers they support for networking.
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    My mistake I mean the LoadBalancer is not giving IP to test it locally. (https://kubernetes.io/docs/...)

    In docker there is IP assign to the each container. LoadBalancer cannot give IP to connect to the service in k8s.
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    📌 So i can look into thoses resources when I'm on my computer.
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    If you want to use minikube that way, you'll need to lean into the tunnel approach:

    If you want the service IP, use nodeport.

    Or look into something like k3s
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    Took me a while to get my head around AIX workloads too :) after that docker was easy.

    It's alright, just don't give up halfway there
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