I understand that some people have trouble with home office.

Well. I don't.

But at least have the fugging frigging respect and
1) answer my bloody questions, especially if I'm frigging nice and make a questionaire and notify you without a shitty meeting.
2) when you ask for an appointment during non working hours.... Then don't be fucking late and especially don't fucking miss it without telling.
3) And don't... Don't fucking give me a bullshit excuse like "yeah, I forget".
At least an honest apology....

I'm currently really close to murder people or call an meeting where I declare that waiting for appointments will be counted as work time.

(hint: this is the fucking sixth time in 4 weeks someone fucked up. And I'm really pissed)

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    You are being (a little) too good. And your rant says you should stop being that way
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    @asgs Well. If everyone is a cunt, I must not be one.

    And till home office that system worked very good.
    Especially since it allowed me to avoid meetings as much as possible and to be able to use my time freely...

    In my opinion many people seem to treat homeoffice as "Cool I can do whateva I want, don't care". And that pisses me off.
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    @IntrusionCM keep getting pissed off, then
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