FUCK composer and fuck their way of installing things. Why the fuck do I need to wait an hour for one fucking package to be installed.

Also why are you asking for my github credentials you fucking dipshit program, I literally specified an oathtoken in my config....

AAAA now you are asking for a new oauthtoken, my token has reached the 5000 requests limit, how??

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    Is that composer for php? I was thinking of learning what it does
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    @StopWastingTime Yes composer for php. To be honest It works okay. Some things suck for example its just really slow because it downloads all packages from their original source I believe
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    Composer is notoriously slow because it's a) written in php and b) it builds an immense binary search tree in memory for all dependencies including their dependencies and theirs and theirs and theirs etc. It does this in php, which takes... forever.

    So installing 1 package takes about the same time as installing 500 if you exclude the download time.

    The source is actually very cool and clear to read. It's a fun project to contribute too. For composer v2 they're trying to optimize the hell out of it since it's so slow. If you've any ideas, just take it to 'em.
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    @Lucky-Loek PHP is not that slow. It's shitty coders who make it appear slow.
    Why would Facebook decide to run on PHP if it was slow? 😄
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    And why create your own hardware and hiphop vm if it is so fast? 😉 Php (especially pre 7) is in fact quite slow compared to other interpreted languages. Fortunately, there is always Python to show what real sluggishness means.

    But you're right @PonySlaystation. Though I wouldn't call Composer badly coded. It's mostly that they chose for a technique that's 100% reliable and will never fail but is crushing on any cpu.
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    @Lucky-Loek PHP 5.6 is loooong gone... EOL 17 months ago and deprecated since 3.5 years. 😄

    I'm not sure why anybody still would use or mention it...
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    @PonySlaystation could you tell that to most of my clients? They don't seem to be listening to me :)
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    @Lucky-Loek lol, oh god, throw them in a tar pit. They should suffer a slow and uninevitable drowning...
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