Tips are compulsory in some restaurants!

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    Depends on where you're at. In the US we have a piece of legislation called the "Fair Labor and Standards Act." It's classifies restaurant workers as "gratuity workers" and stipulates a much lower, fixed wage for them under the assumption they will earn most of their wages as gratuity ($2.13/hr, vs 7ish or $15 here). It's a shit system, honestly, but both political parties benefit from it so no one does anything about it. This system extends to workers in the kitchen (chefs, sous chefs, prep workers, bus staff, etc), and impacts tip pools.

    Because of that many places make tipping mandatory. Nice restaurants also automatically apply an 18-20% gratuity because we have a lot of cheap dick assholes who think waitstaff and back of house are slaves.
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    @SortOfTested I always figured servers and such disliked the new automatic tips, and so I just opt to do the old fashioned method of leaving cash on table. (also I don't trust businesses to pay staff the automatic tips correctly)
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    @SortOfTested what a nice way to force people to work for peanuts
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    @GiddyNaya That "deposit fee" is typically for covering the payment method itself. Paypal and credit cards subtract a certain percentage from the transferred sum for themselves. In this case, it's 2.3% fee.

    It's not uncommon that the vending party slaps that on the price so that the customer pays for his payment choice.

    @SortOfTested The idea is that people don't earn money with shitty service. I give tips if there's no reason to refuse. I don't even expect excellence, just don't fuck it up.
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    I've never understood the tipping system, particularly in the US. If I pay for my food, I should also be damn well paying for the waiting staff to serve me, it's kinda a given. Just increase the damn prices on the menu and pay staff properly.

    Still sucks In the UK. It's not mandatory, but it's becoming more and more expected (10% gratuity is often added on automatically.) There's no law that exempts restaurant staff from minimum wage though.
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    That's fine in a place where servers also achieve a base wage. When gratuity is the base wage, it becomes a social contract.
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