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    Oh religious folk. Why you so batshit.
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    Broadcasts: How to get yourself deleted from your contact's contact lists
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    @SortOfTested why so offended? If they share this is because somehow they want you to know, regardless if is real or not something good with you. Why is this so bad?
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    @wicho Because it's irrelevant. I can think of a wide array of causes that I'd like people to care about but I wouldn't write any of them on a job posting unless directly relevant. Only certain groups of Christians think that their religion is generally relevant to other people.
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    @homo-lorens Believe me, it is awkward for both believers and non believers to talk about this. But for christians is a commandment to share this kind of stuff. Probably not the best way of communicating this but well...
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    @wicho Passing information without consent is called a spam, regardless of the message.
    And you already know how spammy content feels.
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    @GiddyNaya You have a point here
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    @wicho I really hate this argument. It's also a commandment according to the bible (literally, I'm not exaggerating in the slightest) to stone homosexuals, yet we still consider it assault and not "cultural differences". For the most part, anyway.
    I for one think that beliefs and opinions don't affect the protocol, therefore no commandment can make irrelevant information any more acceptable. I don't run around telling people to stop voting and forcefully ditch FPTP even though I have a lot of studies and math to support my opinion.
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    @homo-lorens was the message mentioning in the email saying anything about homosexuals?
    I can understand you've had some or many bad encounter with religious people, but that's what it is. Didn't Jesus had bad encounters with religious people and thus got crucified? I'm sorry about that. Religion is hurtful but the Master is not and they are 2 completely different things. My telegram is on my profile feel free to talk to me about this anytime. I would be glad to have another friend
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    It's what happens when Christians get told they should be telling their friends and colleagues about Jesus, but because actually talking about it is a bit awkward, they throw it in their signature, pretend they're evangelising, and proudly tell their church buddies so.

    It's weird as anything, and I say that as a Christian.
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    @AlmondSauce lol or when they put wicho_john_316 in their gaming labels thinking people will suddenly stop playing and search for a Bible and convert. I feel you there...
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    Spammers trying to disguise their lack of any programming skills as amateurs looking to send "Christmas messages" to their "friends".

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    Post the 23 December im sure
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