Buys a product on amazon.

"Intelligent" ML based Amazon backend services: This guy just ordered a product. He might not want to see any ads showing him the exact same product because he already bought it and will not want to buy another until he loses the first one which might take a while.


Meshine learning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Yeah they are one of the biggest companies in this area which have pretty nice tech and they can't handle this simple shit. I bought a laptop and I don't want ANOTHER ONE! Get your shit together amazon.
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    I think they can solve the problem with something like

    ([ | A - B | ] + 0.00001) * (D+0.00001)

    where A = feature matrix of Item A

    B = feature matrix of Item B

    | A - B | = tell how similar they are to each other (float value).

    D = tell the differences between two item are. float value between range of 0 to 1.

    0 = similar , 1 = different

    The differences value (D) can be calculated by using product category column.

    if both of the item category are Laptop , the D value will be 0.

    Wait ! Why did I just write math formula and explanation on the rant post?
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    Ok what's your offer? :)
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    @mr-user please do my homework
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    Ok send the homework and do not forget to send your name and lecturer contact information.

    I am not going to tell anyone about it.
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    @aswarth yeah it's just a parameter. Nothing too difficult here.
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