Lab test results just came in. I have coronavirus 🦠

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    I hope you won't suffer and get well!

    Seriously tho, don't congratulate, afaik WFH includes quarantine too.
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    Virus scan alert? With Linux, that wouldn't... oh wait. ^^

    Nah seriously, all the best for you!

    There's also a useful breathing technique, and that's no made up shit, it comes from an actual doctor:

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    You had good news yesterday, now bad. I hope you get better. That's the next good news we look forward to.
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    That's not great at all, hope you get through. Make sure to rest plenty to give your body energy to rid you of the tiny viruses!
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    Don’t visit vulnerable ppl ;)
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    Did you take a second test to make sure?
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    Congratulations! You can thank everyone who felt wearing a mask made them look weak. You can thank our wonderful orange president for not having any semblance of common sense.
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