Whenever I'm trying to get something done urgently suddenly something wrong happens. And then a chain of 'something wrong' starts. It doesn't matter how many different ways I try, there's always something wrong waiting for me on the way.
And when I try to fix 'something wrong', something else wrong happens.
I feel like this whole universe, each and every atom in this galaxy is trying to fuck me up.

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    Probably because you're rushing, going into fight or flight mode, and trying to do stuff as quickly as possible.

    I can't talk - I'm the same. As soon as I'm trying to do something as fast as possible, I end up making silly mistakes everywhere, which cause other silly mistakes, then more, etc.

    I simply get around it by never having the mindset of "this needs doing urgently", but instead "this is what I solely need to work on now." I find I actually go *faster* if I'm focused, and not trying to be speedy gonzales.
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    @AlmondSauce makes sense. Looks like I'm never gonna pass 'stress test' in interviews
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    @retard I often suck at programming tasks in interviews too (I can do simple stuff, but if it's something more algorithmically challenging then I generally don't fare well.) It's not that hard to avoid though - some don't have them at all, and some have take home tasks instead.
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