Everybody is complaining about the new MacBook Pro... But what's the alternative??? Just started my fucking company notebook and having the same status for 10 minutes now:

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    Getting updates for an operating system to ensure you're not vulnerable to malware and it's taking time to install, so you're getting angry about it.

    Yeah no you're right, you should just not install updates and leave yourself exposed.

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    Read what I wrote: The fucking shit just froze again! Had to restart that stupid OS 3 times
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    @MeAndi That's not what you wrote in the first post.
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    @drRoss "same status for 10 minutes"
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    7 year old OS though. Windows 10 is better than that.
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    @filthyranter Unfortunately we are working in a security relevant area for several states. Win10 hasn't got security approval by most states... guess why... ;)
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    @MeAndI Then just use 8.1, also better uodate system
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    @filthyranter: the only windows OS with an Go of the national authorities is Win7...
    Last info from them according Win10: "It doesn't look good at the moment!"
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    Any reason not to use Linux?
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    @LucaScorpion Because it's not the year of Linux on the desktop!
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    @MeAndI couse authorities are fucking slow maybe that's way

    (I am not a Windows fan just saying)
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