The only reason that's gonna push me to go to university is gonna be social life... being at CERN is great and all, but socially speaking it's a lacking environment :/ Especially for us youngsters

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    what would you wish for?

    yes the swiss are not very open people. Although the romands (french swiss) are a bit more outgoing than the swiss german. If there wasn't covid19 i would give you some tipps on cool concert and party locations 🙂
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    I mean it's not just the fun aspect of tje social life. It'll also help with networking and opening doors.

    But do take advantage and make some fun memories getting fucked up. You're only young once.
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    @Stuxnet hell yeah! @theItalianGuy get to know saudi princesses bored to death in their genva villas. You may get a Ferari Enzo as a gift xD
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    There's also a slight risk their brother might give you the full Khashoggi, but hey, live a little 🥳
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    @SortOfTested That would be an unpleasant oof
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    @Stuxnet Exactly, It'd be a waste to just keep working without enjoying my twenties while I can imho, got plenty of time to make good cash
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