With so many websites having all these pop ups, there should be a new rule where browsers implement the GDPR check on the user side (once to keep a default option, and let the user decide if they want to allow the website or not specifically)

This way we could still have the same privacy and 99% less spam 😩

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    Fucking gdpr/privacy/cookie notices.......
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    I have DNT and still take the bullshit pop ups, I mean, i can even work around deleting the "subscribe me senpai" ones like New York times does (I think), but I really hate seeing so many, and the only solution I see is take that responsibility from web developers to the browsers ...
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    Times went to a "must be signed in to see shit" model.
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    Not really a fan of GDPR. I don't want to configure my prefs for every site, just make tracking cookies/pixels/etc illegal.
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    @SortOfTested what I was "suggesting" is a browser default, that has a one first time pop up, and then you can configure for specific sites, but by default it's turned off

    Later blocking or making illegal would be great, but one step at a time
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    @SortOfTested If we effectively outlaw tracking most services will either disappear or become paid. Can you imagine how much the users will hate that?
    And no, users don't care enough about privacy. They only care a little because the EU does and there's smart people there, they surely have a reason.
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    Gotta rip the band-aid off some day. The MAU > profit mindset is what led to this cancer in the first place.
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    @Lor-inc I'm European and personally don't care about selling data and all those things. I know the things I say and how private stuff "is", and selling ads to me is fun sometimes, but I understand to some people it's a concern and I'm obviously I'm favor of gaining control as the user

    Becoming paid doesn't make sense, internet is a free place, and when some companies want to sell access to their data they'll require subscriptions, like it has been for years anyway...
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    @rui902 Nothing is free. If you want to do something of the magnitude of Facebook you will need money. So either you make it very useful like Linux is, so you get funded by your industrial users, or you try to do it cheap, in which case it'll work about as well as Linux desktops do.
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    but for real, this would even be better privacy wise without causing developers additional work
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    I really dont understand why noone had this idea and replaced gdpr bs with it. People like me who don't give a fuck about privacy could just enable it and enjoy free Services/personalised stuff, while people who don't like trackers could actually kill them easily without additional Software or *trusting that the website actually doesnt Track after clicking deny*.

    And i wouldnt have to litter my sites witj retarded spam AND wouldnt have to implement disabling trackers
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    @eval exactly
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    @Lor-inc nothing implies anything about making money, I'm just suggesting a similar approach of what already happens, except a couple companies implement this on the browsers, instead of ALL Websites having to implement stupid pop ups
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