True store bro

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    Css isn't that hard. Make sure you style each component on it's own and position it in it's parent.

    Also, never use !important. If you do, you are creating your own jungle. Only use it in very very very specific/rare cases which are not part of your flow.
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    Y'all trippin on CSS. Lol.
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    No it's very easy but hard to use
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    I believe it's not necessarily very intuitive, but if you understand the basic concepts and as a training you create a page from scratch you can grasp the language and feel very comfortable with it.
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    @ggromx you mean try to rebuild a page from scratch ?
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    @rocknrollmarc I guess that would be even better.
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    @ggromx Seem to have Had trouble understanding position and display, positioning basically. I think I got it now and it feels like it's beginning to be fun :) beginning to like css and sass
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    @rocknrollmarc I personally don't use SASS. I like being able to test and edit my css directly in the browser (both chrome and Firefox allow you to save css changes made with the developer console and you can edit kinda wysiwyg and allow for styling fine tuning) for production I only minify.

    There is a model of css which propose to define components independently instead of extending everything.

    I have found that doing this my files are smaller, the code is more maintainable.

    for very large projects I recommend lazy loading per "section" while keeping names with prefix naming using a section short name.

    With all these "rules" I actually enjoy styling.
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