Good tattoo for porgramer

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    From which satanic cult you got that?
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    How so?
    Also, what does the writing mean?
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    It s viking language and mean Next photo
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    In my new post
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    @WanDet1998 just freaking write down what it means. What's with the game play?
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    @Ubbe lol. Cheers tnx.
    Reminds me of people who tattoo weird Cantonese or Japanese words like "water".
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    * Yggdrasil, a data structure holding all of the worlds (well, most)
    * The two adorable ravens signifying all (most) knowledge
    * The traveler's cross protecting against getting lost (or just don't write spaghetti, yo)
    * Some runes I can't read
    * Some symbols I don't know

    I can see some development parallels here.
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    If I wanted to get a nerdy tattoo, I'd probably get something like ♡xf09f929a or 0xπ
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    @Root good but i like Japanese or viking text
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    @freddyjohn hahaha what the fuck!!!!
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    you could mix it with the album cover of internet protocol by master boot record
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