I am this old.

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    5.25 inch floppy disks but actual use and remaining stash is more 3.5 inch disks already.
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    Well uh, you are not that much old?
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    That's really not old at all...

    When I saw the heading, I thought this was going to be a picture of a punchcard or similar.
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    Can't beat anyone who worked with punchcards (they were long out of fashion when I started being interested in computers), but as to the pictured PS/2 ports, I remember building several PCs before these ports were colour-coded. I also remember:

    * Mini-DIN ports for AT keyboards

    * DIN ports for XT keyboards

    * Serial mice (9-pin sub-D connector)

    * Printers with Centronics port

    * 9-pin dot matrix printers

    * Competition Pro joysticks (for C=64 and Amiga, allegedly also for Atari ST)

    * XTs with 4.77 MHz CPU, two 5.25" floppy drives, and amber monochrome Hercules graphics

    * The above mentioned XTs also had about 20 F-keys on their keyboards

    et cetera.
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    You’re not that old. There were other connectors before ps/2
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    Linus tech tips recently bought a new motherboard having this
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    @molaram There was also a time when the keyboards were plugged in with an AT port
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    Please. I still have a miniCD (YEAH that thing of 240mb, half radius of normal CD) with my pascal code.

    That shit is bootable with msdos (from cd!)

    I have borlan bascal and everything installed on it

    AND it still fucking works on my core i7 to this day (I check for fun every 3-5 months)
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    Hey kids
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    @bittersweet a fuken comodore64.
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    Der Volkscomputer! ;)
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    @magicMirror Well the thing pictured is a VIC-20, but indeed, I started my development career on a C64.
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    @magicMirror Not a C=64 but a previous model, the VIC-20, or in Germany, VC-20 (because VIC could be misinterpreted as a German swear word).
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    @bittersweet a man from my era!

    You don't still have that old girl do you?
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    The commodore was the first "computer" I ever laid hands on, but the Atari was my first games console.

    I can remember playing Galaxian and Missile command on this old thing.
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    @C0D4 Yeah, I still have it, although it's boxed in storage. I do still have every program and asset I've accumulated since '85 as well, so I do sometimes load up stuff I've written in that era in VICE (emulator).

    I also used an ATmega to build a C64 cartridge reader, as some of my games got published as cartridges.
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    I loved cleaning that trackball 😄
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    PS2 is the only thing I managed to write a working driver for.
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