Prod was down for 15 minutes due to failed DB connection attempts. Contacted DBA after the fact for an explanation. Response: We don't know, but it was probably temporary.

You think?????

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    I want logs , I want reason.

    Nothing is wrong with db.

    It just taking a "down" time because he doesn't want to deal with those DBA anymore. Cut him some slack , its been working 24/7.
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    @mr-user 😂😂 poor db
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    Part 2
    DBA: We can't help you if you don't give us the error code that the DB returned
    Me: Do you know how network connections work?
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    @CoolGuy well you should be able to see some error code from your website
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    @zemaitis the error I have is the connection attempt timed out after 30 seconds
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